Soft Matters Group

Contact: 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp 3. Building F, Staircase I, mezzanine
Website: link
Focal points and main thrusts of research: Smart materials
Macromolecular chemistry
Polymer chemistry
Introduction: ​The scientific work carried out by the Soft Matter Team is quite diverse. Among others it focuses on the characterization of soft materials and on their possible applications. The group has considerable experience in the development of smart and nanostructured systems for controlled drug delivery, especially biocompatible polymer gels responding to environmental stimuli (temperature, pH, redox potential, light, magnetic field, etc.). Targeted drug delivery devices like implants, transdermally and orally administered drug delivery systems, nanomedicines are also in the focus of its research topics. The group has large experience in determination of thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of polymers and other colloid systems.
Sample publications: Enikő Krisch, Benjámin Gyarmati, Dóra Barczikai, Véronique Lapeyre, Barnabás Áron Szilágyi, Valérie Ravaine, András Szilágyi:
Poly(aspartic acid) hydrogels showing reversible volume change upon redox stimulus
EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL 105: pp. 459-468 (2018)

Csaba Németh, Benjámin Gyarmati, Timur Abdullin, Krisztina László, András Szilágyi:
Poly(aspartic acid) with adjustable pH-dependent solubility
ACTA BIOMATERIALIA 49: pp. 486-494 (2017)

Enikő Krisch, Léa Messager, Benjámin Gyarmati, Valérie Ravaine, András Szilágyi
Redox- and pH-Responsive Nanogels Based on Thiolated Poly(aspartic acid)

Gyarmati B, Mészár EZ, Kiss L, Deli MA, László K, Szilágyi A
Supermacroporous chemically cross-linked poly(aspartic acid) hydrogels
ACTA BIOMATERIALIA 22: pp. 32-38 (2015)

Gyarmati B, Némethy A, Szilágyi A
Reversible disulphide formation in polymer networks: A versatile functional group from synthesis to applications
EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL 49: (6) pp. 1268-1286 (2013)
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Group leader: Dr. Szilágyi András