Surface Chemistry Group

Contact: 1111 Budapest, Budafoki út 8. F épület, I. lépcsőház
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Focal points and main thrusts of research: Applied chemistry
Energy storage
Chemistry of surface layers
Physical chemistry
Heterogeneous catalysis
Smart materials
Environmental chemistry
Environmental technologies
Macromolecular chemistry
Instrumental Techniques
Nanoporous systems
Polymer composites
Carbon nanoparticles
Carbon dioxide absorption
Carbon chemistry
Wastewater Treatment Technologies
Sorption and surface chemical properties
Recycling Technology
Green chemistry
Colloid chemistry

The Surface Chemistry Group conjoines the traditions of the Hungarian Adsorption School with recent surface science achievements in materials science. Nanostructured carbon materials have been the centre of the group’s scientific activity, more specifically synthesis, morphology and surface properties of various types of carbon materials including activated carbon, carbon aerogels, as well as 2D carbon nanoparticles, like nanotubes and graphene derivatives. Beside working on carbon materials of tuned morphology and surface chemistry the group also works on the development of novel type single component and composite sorbents, like metal organic frameworks (MOFs), responsive soft matters and their hybride formed with various carbon materials. These materials are tested and optimized  for diverse applications, e.g., fuel cell electrode, catalyst, gas storage device, drug delivery and environmental applications.

Sample publications: >>>

László K, Tombácz E, Josepovits K: Effect of Activation on the Surface Chemistry of Carbons from Polymer Precursors. Carbon, 39(8), 1217-1228, 2001

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Nagy B, Tóth A, Savina I, Mikhalovsky S, Mikhalovska L, Geissler E, László K: Double probe approach to protein adsorption on porous carbon surfaces. Carbon, 112, 103-110, 2017

Nagy B, Bakos I, Bertóti I, Domán A, Menyhárd A, Mohai M, László K: Synergism of melamine and GO in the electrocatalytic behaviour of resorcinol - formaldehyde based carbon aerogels. Carbon, 139, 872-879. 2018

Domán A, Czakkel O, Porcar L, Madarász J, Geissler E, László K: Role of water molecules in the decomposition of HKUST-1: evidence from adsorption, thermoanalytical, X-ray and neutron scattering measurements. App Surf Sci, 480, 138-147, 2019

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Awards and achievements:

Krisztina László

2019   Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, Officer's Cross, Civil Division Achievement: Distinguished service to Hungary; scientific and education activity in materials science

2014     Fodor Lajos Award by: Budapest University of Technology and Economics for being outstanding in work for the faculty's community

2004     Erdey László Award by Budapest University of Technology and Economics for persistent outstanding scientific performance

2001     Széchenyi István Fellowship by: Ministry of Education for fellowship for carrier     development

1985    Gold Award for Outstanding Innovator by Budapest University of Technology and Economics for the most profitable patent of the year (Synthesis of principal components for cold water dispersible rinsing mixtures; Hungarian patent 187410/1985).

Guest professors: >>>


Prof. Sergey Mikhalovsky, University of Brighton, UK

Indrek Külaots, Brown University, (Rhode Island) USA

Joaquin Silvestre, University of Alicante, Spain


Regular guest speakers

Prof. Bányai István Debreceni Egyetem

Group leader: Dr. Nagyné dr. László Krisztina