Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Contact: 1111 Budapest, Gellért tér 4. CH. ép., Tel: +36-1-463-3858,
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Focal points and main thrusts of research: Biochemistry
Introduction: Our group main research topics are focusing on mitochondrial function, redox regulation and their function in stress adaptation.

Main research topics:

  • the role of mitochondrial carbohydrate and ascorbic acid transport and metabolism in the osmotic and oxidative stress adaptation
  • the role of mitochondrial ROS generation and elimination systems in bacterial elicitor induced plant stress response
  • investigation of the relationship between mitochondrial DNA damage and oxidative protein folding 

Sample publications:

Lőrincz Tamás, Jemnitz Katalin, Kardon Tamás, Mandl József, Szarka András: Ferroptosis is Involved in Acetaminophen Induced Cell Death. Pathol Oncol Res

Lőrincz Tamás, Holczer Marianna, Kapuy Orsolya, Szarka András:The interrelationship of pharmacologic ascorbate induced cell death and ferroptosis. Pathology Oncology Research

Lőrincz Tamás, Szarka András: In silico Analysis on the Possible Role of Mitochondria in Ferroptosis. Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering

Ádám Czobor, Péter Hajdinák, Bence Németh, Borbála Piros, Áron Németh, András Szarka: The response of plant uncoupling proteins to bacterial elicitor induced oxidative burst. PlosOne

Awards and achievements:
Guest professors:
Group leader: Dr. Szarka András