Wastewater Biotechnology Research Group

Contact: CH alagsor 36, Tel.: 463 2794, 463 1243
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Focal points and main thrusts of research:
Introduction: ​One of the key points in the field of environmental protection is to
keep/restore the good quality of natural water bodies. The most widely used
and environment friendly methods for the treatment of wastewaters are based
on biodegradation. Beyond the determination of biodegradability of waste
compounds, researches of our group focus on the  modeling, development and
optimization of biotechnologies (activated sludge, biofilm, microbial fuel
cell systems) capable of the efficient elimination/utilization of different
origin (industrial/domestic) wastewaters.
Sample publications:

V. Bakos , A. Deák and A. Jobbágy. Reconsideration and upgrading of sampling and analysis methods for avoiding measurement related design and operation failures in wastewater treatment. Water SA

B. Lóránt; M. Gyalai-Korpos; I. Goryanin; G. M. Tardy. Single chamber air-cathode microbial fuel cells as biosensors for determination of biodegradable organics. Biotechnology Letters

A. Jobbágy, T. Weinpel, V. Bakos and Zs. Vánkos. Use of floating seals to exclude oxygen penetration in non-aerated selectors. Water Science and Technology

Tamás Weinpel, Vince Bakos, Andrea Jobbágy. Co-treatment of a Carbon Deficient Domestic Wastewater with a Dairy Process Effluent for a Cost-effective Global Solution. Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering

Awards and achievements:
Guest professors:
Group leader: Dr. Jobbágy Andrea