Cell cycle and genomics research group

Contact: asveiczer@mail.bme.hu
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Focal points and main thrusts of research:
Introduction: The main research areas of the Research group of cell cycle and genomics:
  • Phylogenetic analyses of different fungal proteins 
  • Studying cell growth patterns in fission yeast on time-lapse microscopic films 
  • Mathematical modelling of the cell division cycle of yeasts 
Sample publications: Horváth A, Rácz-Mónus A, Buchwald P, Sveiczer Á: Cell length growth patterns in fission yeast reveal a novel size control mechanism operating in late G2 phase, BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 108: (9) pp. 259-277.

Sveiczer Á, Horváth A: How do fission yeast cells grow and connect growth to the mitotic cycle?, CURRENT GENETICS -: Paper Article in Press. 9 p. 

Sipiczki M, Balazs A, Monus A, Papp L, Horvath A, Sveiczer A, Miklos I: Phylogenetic and comparative functional analysis of the cell-separation alpha-glucanase Agn1p in Schizosaccharomyces., MICROBIOLOGY-SGM 160: (Pt 6) pp. 1063-1074

Sveiczer Á, Horváth A, Buchwald P: Is there a universal rule for cellular growth? – Problems in studying and interpreting this phenomenon, FEMS YEAST RESEARCH 14: (5) pp. 679-682.
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Group leader: Dr. Sveiczer Ákos