Laboratory of Catalysis

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Focal points and main thrusts of research: Application of biomass-based solvents for catalysis
Homogeneous Catalysis
High pressure Chemistry
Synthesis of biomass-based platform chemicals
Introduction: Our research activities focuses on the valorization of biomass-based waste-sterams, synthesis and applications of biomass-based alternative solvents, reactions kinetics of transition-metal catalyzed homogeneous reactions.
Sample publications: >>>
  1. Mika, L. T.*; Cséfalvay, E.; Németh, Á. Catalytic Conversion of Carbohydrates to Initial Platform Chemicals: Chemistry and Sustainability, Chem. Rev. 2018, 118, 505.
  2. Náray-Szabó, G.; Mika, L. T.* Conservative Evolution and Industrial Metabolism in Green Chemistry. Green Chem. 2018, 20, 2171.
  3. Orha, L.; Tukacs, J. M.; Gyarmati, B.; Szilágyi, A.; Kollár, L.; Mika, L. T.* Modular Synthesis of G-Valerolactone-Based Ionic Liquids and Their Application as Alternative Media for Copper-Catalyzed Ullmann-Type Coupling Reactions. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2018, 6, 5097.
  4. Horváth, I. T.; Cséfalvay, E.; Mika, L. T.; Debreczeni, M. Sustainability Metrics for Biomass-Based Carbon Chemicals ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.20175, 2734–2740. 
  5. Pongrácz, P.; Bartal, B.; Kollár, L.; Mika, L. T.* Rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation in γ-valerolactone as a biomass-derived solvent, J. Organomet. Chem.2017, 847, 140.    
  6. Tukacs, J. M.; Holló, A. T.; Rétfalvi, N.; Cséfalvay, E.; Dibó, G.; Havasi, D.; Mika, L. T.* Microwave-Assisted Valorization of Biowastes to Levulinic Acid ChemistrySelect20172, 1375–1380 
  7. Pongrácz, P.; Kollár, L.; Mika, L. T.* A step towards hydroformylation under sustainable conditions: platinum-catalysed enantioselective hydroformylation of styrene in gamma-valerolactone. Green Chem. 2016, 18, 842–847
Awards and achievements:
  1. Best Paper Award of BME 2019.
  2. Bolyai Plakett, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 2018.
  3. Pro Sciencia supervisor Awírd, 2017.   
Guest professors:
Group leader: Dr. Laszlo T. Mika