Crystallization and Process Engineering Group (CAPE)

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Focal points and main thrusts of research: All angles of industrial crystallisation, process modelling, numerical methods, process optimisation and control, data analysis, and application of computer science in the above fields
Introduction: Our main goal is to find practical solutions to real-world, urging problems using the rich toolset of process systems engineering (process modelling, simulation, control, optimisation, and data analysis) and to launch forward-looking research. Our application areas are focused, but not limited to, industrial crystallisation, which is also a critical operation in the pharmaceutical industry. We are involved in experimental research and diverse simulation-based analyses solved in different programming languages. We work with a number of national and international companies and research groups.
Sample publications:

Crystallization Simulation and Visualization tool (CrySiV) 


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Group leader: Szilágyi Botond