Biomimetic Technologies Research Group

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Focal points and main thrusts of research: investigating of membrane permeability and metabolism of drugs
Introduction: The main focus of our research is on the techniques used in the early stage (hit to lead process) of drug discovery, including high-throughput screening methods used for the determination of pharmacokinetically relevant parameters. The most important physicochemical properties are the drug’s lipophilicity, acid-base characteristics, solubility, permeability and metabolic stability, which all influence its absorption and distribution in the body’s tissues. 
Sample publications:
  1. Vincze, Anna; Facskó, Réka; Budai-Szűcs, Mária; Katona, Gábor; Gyarmati, Benjámin; Csorba, Anita; Zelkó, Romána; Nagy, Zoltán Zsolt; Szente, Lajos; Balogh, György T. (2023): Cyclodextrin-enabled nepafenac eye drops with improved absorption open a new therapeutic window. Carbohydrate Polymers 310, 120717. 
  2. Rácz, Anita; Vincze, Anna; Volk, Balázs; Balogh, György T. (2023): Extending the limitations in the prediction of PAMPA permeability with machine learning algorithms. European Journal of Pharmaceutics. 188, 106514.
  3. Gyarmati, Benjámin; Dargó, Gergő; Szilágyi, Barnabás Áron; Vincze, Anna; Facskó, Réka; Budai-Szűcs, Mária; Kiss, Eszter L.; Szente, Lajos; Szilágyi, András; Balogh, György T. (2022): Synthesis, complex formation and corneal permeation of cyclodextrin-modified, thiolated poly(aspartic acid) as self-gelling formulation of dexamethasone. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 174, pp. 1-9.,
  4. Balogh-Weiser, D; Decsi, B; Krammer, R; Dargó, G; Ender, F; Mizsei, J; Berkecz, R; Gyarmati, B; Szilágyi, A; Tőtős, R; Paizs, Cs; Poppe, L; Balogh, György T. (2020): Magnetic Nanoparticles       with Dual Surface Functions—Efficient Carriers for Metalloporphyrin-Catalyzed Drug Metabolite Synthesis in Batch and Continuous-Flow Reactors. Nanomaterials 10, 2329.
  5. Dargó, G; Bajusz, D; Simon, K; Müller, J; Balogh, György T. (2020): Human serum albumin binding in a vial: a novel UV-pH titration method to assist drug design. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 63(4) pp. 1763-1774.

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Group leader: Dr. Balogh György Tibor