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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Biomérnöki alapképzési szak nappali BSc

Subject data sheet

Cell biology

Name of the subject in Hungarian: Sejtbiológia

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVEMBA102 3+0+0/v 4

Responsible person and department:

Dr. Ákos Sveiczer, Dept. of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science





Dr. Ákos Sveiczer

Associate professor

Dept. of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science

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Aim of the subject:

Cell Biology deals with the physical structure and chemical composition of eukaryotic cells, as well as with the general principles of how different cellular organelles function. The proposed ways of the evolution of cellular organelles are also discussed. The physiological properties of organelles (nucleus, mitochondrion, chloroplast, endoplasmic reticulum, etc.) are studied at molecular level. The significance of protein sorting is mainly emphasised.

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