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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Biomérnöki mesterképzési szak nappali MSc

Subject data sheet

Packaging, interactions in food industry

Name of the subject in Hungarian: Csomagolás, kölcsönhatások, vizsgálat

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVEMBM108 2+0+0/f 3

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Responsible person and department:

Dr. Marosi György, Organic Chemistry and Technology Department


Dr. Marosi György, Organic Chemistry and Technology Department

Dr. Szolnoki Beáta, Organic Chemistry and Technology Department

Subject is based on:

Organic chemistry


Aim of the subject:

The lectures introduce the basic terms an classification of packaging technology; discuss the design and production of packaging systems considering the environmental and health aspects. Special attention is paid to the role of transport processes through packaging and to the relevant investigation and characterization methods. Among the various ways of modification the formation of active and intelligent packaging are especially pronounced.

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