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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
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Subject data sheet

Environmental toxicology

Name of the subject in Hungarian: Környezettoxikológia*

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVEMBM401 2+0+1/f 3

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Responsible person and department:

Dr. Molnár Mónika, Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science


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Aim of the subject:

Environmental toxicology is one of the most important tools in the modern, risk-based environmental management, as is the study of the impacts of chemical substances  upon the structure and function of ecological system. This subject explains the principles and practice of environmental toxicology and its application in environmental risk management, risk assessment, risk reduction and decisions concerning the protection of the environment. At the laboratory practice we get familiar with laboratory test methods applied in environmental toxicology and the most important testorganisms used in aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology.

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