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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Biomérnöki mesterképzési szak nappali MSc

Subject data sheet

Biohazard, biosafety and protection of intellectual

Name of the subject in Hungarian: Biobiztonság és szellemi tulajdon védelem

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVEMBM403 2+0+0/f 2

Further information on the subject (current semester):

Responsible person and department:

András Salgó, Professor, Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science





István Szatmári, Ph.D.

Chemical engineer

CHINOIN Private Co. Ltd., member of sanofi-aventis group

Subject is based on:

Aim of the subject:

Overview of classification of biohazard materials, and the conditions of doing work with biohazard materials. Instructions for ensuring conditions to establish and operate laboratories using infectious material. Overview of safety equipment and personal protective devices.

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