BME Vegyészmérnöki és Biomérnöki Kar

Az Oláh György Konferencia - "Innovative research at the BME Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (Innovatív kutatások a BME Vegyészmérnöki és Biomérnöki Karán)" - az Oláh György Doktori Iskola XVII. Konferenciájának programja

2019. szeptember 23. (hétfő), BME CH. C. 14 (BME CH épület, Budapest XI., Műegyetem rkp. 3.).

A konferencia rövid programja innen letölthető.

A konferencia részletes programja innen letölthető



Regisztráció (CH C14)


Megnyitó - Dr. Nagy József dékán


Szekcióelnök: Prof. Dr. Poppe László


Prof. Romas J. Kazlauskas (University of Minnesota) - Changing enzyme function: esterases to hydroxynitrile lyases


Dr. Nyíri Kinga  (2018-as Oláh György Díj nyertese) - Structural background of pathogenicity island regulation in Staphylococcus aureus 


Szekcióelnök: Prof. Dr. Keglevich György


Dr. Kupai József (Szerves Kémia és Technológia Tanszék) - Asymmetric synthesis with cinchona-based cyclodextrin organocatalysts in a synthesis separation integrated continuous flow reactor


Dargó Gergő - In vitro, tissue-specific permeability models in lead optimization


Molnár Zsófia - Immobilized whole-cell transaminase biocatalysts for continuous-flow kinetic resolution of amines


Bata Zsófia - Structural dynamics of the catalytic inner lid loop of MIO enzymes





Szekcióelnök: Prof. Dr. Vértessy Beáta


Dr. Németh Áron (Alkalmazott Biotechnológia és Élelmiszertudományi Tanszék) - Ten years in development of lactic acid fermentation technology


Dr. Gyarmati Benjámin (Fizikai Kémia és Anyagtudományi Tanszék) - Poly(amino acid) derivatives for gellable formulations


Martiz Chalen Jose Alejandro - Synthesis of ceramic materials for Preparation of nanocomposites


Rawan Abukharian - Interaction of MLL4 with long non-coding RNAs


Tegze Borbála - Photoinduced processes of dyes in mesoporous titania sol-gel coatings



Ebéd és poszterszekció


Szekcióelnök: Prof. Dr. Nyulászi László


Dr. Volk Balázs (EGIS Gyógyszergyár Zrt.) - Cooperation between the Faculty of Chemical Techology and Biotechnology of BME and Egis Pharmaceuticals Plc 


Dr. Oláh Julianna (Szervetlen és Analitikai Kémia Tanszék) - Accurate modelling of biochemical systems: How far can we go?


Mokrai Réka - Investigation of heteroelement containing conjugate systems


Horváth Flóra - Nucleating agents with dual nucleating ability in isotactic polypropylene





Szekcióelnök: Prof. Dr. László Krisztina


Dr. Székely Edit (Kémiai és Környezeti Folyamatmérnöki Tanszék) - Innovative applications of pressurized carbon dioxide 


Ayshan Khalafli - Process Design and Automation in brownfield projects in example of Methanol Production Company with Agile approach


Benedek Zsolt - Quantum chemistry aided design of biomimetic complexes for atmospheric pressure ammonia synthesis



Zárszó - Dr. Nagy József dékán


  1. Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhamied Rozza: Mapping pathways of diatomic ligands migration into H-NOX domains as a model of sGC activation

  2. Amer Aljamal: Effect of Phosphorus Flame Retardants on the Properties of Bio-based Epoxy Resins

  3. Aysel Mammadova: The effect of cationic side groups on the aqueous stability of thiolated polyaspartamides

  4. Balázs Decsi: Application of a biomimetic oxidation system in homogeneous and heterogeneous, continuous flow conditions

  5. Bence Varga: Resolution of secondary phosphine oxides and H-phosphinates as P-stereogenic intermediates

  6. Dániel Vadas: Physical and Chemical Foaming of Flame Retarded Poly(lactic acid)

  7. Edina Jaksics: Rheological behavior of wheat lines with altered amylose content

  8. Emese Farkas: Continuous flow chemoenzymatic cascade reactions aiming diastereopure amine synthesis

  9. Emese Pregi: Effect of fiber content on the properties of hybrid PP composites containing lignin and flax

  10. Erzsébet Madaras: Investigation of Ligand Exit Paths in the MIO Enzyme Family with the Help of Random Acceleration Molecular Dynamics (RAMD)

  11. Eszter Supala: High-throughput electrosynthesis and read-out of protein MIPs with microelectrospotting-coupled fluorescence imaging

  12. Éva Pusztai: Process capability indices when the usual assumptions fail: a tolerance interval approach

  13. Gergely Koppány: Development and in vitro testing of covalent inhibitors targeting oncogenic KRAS mutants

  14. Gergely Rácz: Knock-out of dUTPase in mice leads to early embryonic lethality and is not rescued by concurrent knock-outs of both UNG and SMUG

  15. Gergő Dargó: In vitro, non-cellular permeability assay to predict corneal absorption of APIs using the PAMPA model

  16. József Kozma: Comparison of Conducting Polymers and High Capacitance Materials for the Fabrication of Solid-Contact Ion-Selective Electrodes

  17. Kata Decsov: Development of bioepoxy resin microencapsulated ammonium-polyphosphate for flame retardancy of polylactic acid

  18. Katharina Preißinger: Dissection of Plasmodium falciparum developmental stages with multiple imaging methods

  19. Kinga Juhász: Heterogeneous catalytic 1,4-addition reaction in the presence of supported metal catalysts

  20. Krisztina Lévay: Selective heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of nitriles to primary amines over palladium

  21. László Ferenc Simon: Sequence independent quantification of the surface density of DNA probes on DNA microarrays by SPRi

  22. Lu Cui: Physical Ageing of Poly(Lactic acid): Factors and Consequences for Practice

  23. Marietta Szentmiklóssy: Improvement of bioactive component composition in wheat with breeding

  24. Marwa Ahmed: Optimization of the polymerization conditions of thermoresponsive poly(NIPAm-co-AAc-co-TBAm) microgels for the molecular imprinting of lysozyme

  25. Miklós Bosits: Development of a lab-scale continuous crystallization process with turbidity-based safety and control method

  26. Muriel Józó: Degradation of PLA fibers containing an enzyme

  27. Nikolett Nagy: Tissue- and development-specific expression pattern of dUTPase isoforms

  28. Péter Kisszékelyi: Cinchona-decorated cyclodextrin - a recyclable organocatalyst

  29. Zsófia Bognár: Enzymatic methods for microRNA detection with surface plasmon resonance imaging