BME Vegyészmérnöki és Biomérnöki Kar

Department of Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering

The Department of Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering was established on the 1st of January, 2007 with the integration of the following departments:
- Department of Chemical Technology (established in 1870)
- Department of Chemical Engineering (established in 1952)
The following well known professors worked for these two departments: Vince Wartha, Ignác Pfeifer, József Varga, Béla Lányi, Mór Korach, László Vajta, Imre Szebényi, Antal Tungler -he is still an active member of the department-,  Károly Tettamanti, Péter Földes, Zsolt Fonyó. Professor emeritus in the department are: Imre Szebényi, József Manczinger and Sándor Kemény.
Major courses offered by the Department: Chemical Unit Operations, Process Control, Process Systems Engineering, courses on technology (Chemical Technology etc.), Water Chemistry, Waste Water Treatment, Radiochemistry, Environment Oriented Process Design, Catalysis, Hydrocarbon Technologies.
The teaching of engineering is the most important in the Department. The laboratory practice in our pilot plant laboratory enables the students to ground and deepen their practical knowledge. The Department offer courses for students from other faculties, such as faculty of economic, mechanical engineering and transportation engineering. Altogether 4000 students are educated by the Department in the autumn and 3000 in the spring semester. The Department is responsible for the education of the Chemical Process Engineer Branch that has usually about 20 students. The specialization focuses on the engineering sciences and  the teaching of technologies. 
The main research areas of the Department are: separation systems, distillation, clean technologies, supercritical fluid extraction, water technologies, waste water treatment, nuclear technologies, catalysis, membrane separations and design of experiments. The Department  has been completing numerous industrial projects on its main research fields .
Our most important industrial/research partners: MOL, BorsodChem, TVK, Olajterv, Paks Nuclear Power Plant, MTA MUKKI.