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Curricula in English at the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology


Students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology recieve a thorough education in areas of engineering in three main fields: biochemical engineering, chemical engineering, and environmental engineering; however, the specialisation branches are much more diversified. For further details on curricula, please see the current bulletin of the Faculty.

The Faculty’s educational system corresponds to the three-cycle structure applied both in the European Union and in the United States:

All these curricula have been carefully prepared to meet the needs and challenges of the actual career opportunities both in the developed and developing countries.

Personal consultation for our current students in any study related issues

Dr. Zoltán Hell, course director

office hours: Wednesdays, 13.00-14.30 in the main (K) building I.22. (dean's office). E-mail:

From 18 December until 18 January the personal official hours of Dr Zoltán Hell in the Dean’s Office are interrupted. During this period, you can send him a mail ( if you have problems regarding the education.

Application procedure

Students in the BSc program receive a thorough introduction to basic engineering areas before starting their specialisations in the fifth semester.

A BSc degree is a necessary prerequisite for an MSc course enrolment. A three-year PhD program is also available in all majors offered by the Faculty.

The program is organised in credit system providing a relatively high degree of free subject selection.

Issues related to international education including

  • actual announcmennts,
  • engineering programs,
  • bulletin,
  • application forms

are organized by the Central Academic Office.