BME Vegyészmérnöki és Biomérnöki Kar

General information on the actual semester

The following semester (2020/21/1) requires cooperation and flexibility from both professors and students. We created this menu to inform you during this rapidly changing situation.

 3rd September 2020

 In the last days, the previously planned timetables had to be modified in many points, and most of the lectures and practices can only be launched online at the beginning of the semester to comply with the special pandemic related rules. Most of the laboratory practices will start as an in-person study activity. 

The rules for BME students are available on the BME website. 

The most important pieces of information about the start of the 2020/21/1 semester:

  • The timetable considered final is available in Neptun.  For sessions where there is an “online” room (the lecture hall is signed with the word “ONLINE”), the class will be held in the form of a video conference in the first few weeks. 
  • Education will start on 7th September, 2020. Each subject has a Moodle and / or Teams page. The professors will inform you about the access code in a Neptun message. The information and messages available on the main site of the subject should be constantly monitored; failing to do so is your responsibility.
  • There will be a recording of the online lessons that the professor will share with you so that everyone can study from it whether they were able to attend the sessions or not. The recordings are copyrighted, may only be used for your own learning purposes and may not be shared with anyone in any way. Editing or modifying the recordings is strictly forbidden.