BME Vegyészmérnöki és Biomérnöki Kar

The rules for BME students are available on the BME website. 

From 11th May 2021 certain in-person teaching is again possible

Along with the decision of the Rector, at the VBK the following in-person activities are allowed: 

- laboratory experiments for BSc and MSc theses

- laboratory experiments of project works and summer labs.

No exams or midterms are allowed in-person. 

Before entering the premises of the university a pre-triage form must be filled (after 10th May). 

Summer labs: 

General chemistry laboratory (BMEVESAA209) - 5-9 July 2021

Organic synthesis laboratory practice (BMEVESZA402) - 12-15 July 2021

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Practice (BMEVESAA403) - 5-7 July 2021

From 08th March 2021 only online teaching (expected: at least until 07th April)

During the above period, all teaching and learning activities including the research-related activities of any students (e.g. thesis projects) can only be performed online.  

Submission deadline of the theses

The deadline for the submission of both bachelor's and master's theses will be 31st May 2021. The way of submission (upload) will be announced in May on the web pages of the departments organizing the final examinations. 

Joining the classes

Each course offered by VBK must have a primary online class either in the Teams or in the Moodle ( platform. Following this class is the responsibility of the student registered for the course. The primary online platform is announced by the teachers via a Neptun message, and it is available also at the official subject description available at when you are logged in.

Please make sure that you check continuously your e-mails and also your primary e-mail address set in the Neptun. 

Most important general information on the starting of the  2020/21/2 semester_

  • The final schedule of the courses is available in the Neptun. If the room of the course is ONLINE, regardless if any in-person teaching is possible or not the course will be held online in the complete semester. For the courses where a room is given, if possible, we will organize in-person classes. The schedule will remain unchanged even if a hybrid (online + in-person) teaching becomes possible. 
  • The semester starts with online teaching. If a hybrid schedule becomes possible we will announce it two weeks in advance.  
  • The teaching starts on 08th February 2021. Each course has its Moodle or Teams class. Join the class, follow the courses. Reading all information given in the primary class of the course is required. 
  • It is not required the record the online classes, as due to the new schedule participation will be possible even in the case of a hybrid teaching. The teacher is the only one who has the right to record the class and to share the recordings with the students, upon his/her decision. If the classes are recorded those belong to the IPR of the teacher, they must not be shared, edited, modified, or reused in any form except studying for the given class. 
  • In case you prepare a thesis this semester, do not forget to ask your supervisor the confirm that you work with him/her by sending your name, your Neptun code, the title of the thesis, and the Neptun code of the thesis course you are registered to via e-mail to Dr. Kállay-Menyhárd. Deadline: 8th March 2021.  
  • Certain laboratory practices, depending on the pandemic situation, might be organized - partly- during the summer. Please plan your off-university activities accordingly. These are especially, but not exclusively: General chemistry laboratory (BMEVESAA209) and Organic synthesis laboratory practice (BMEVESZA402). If in-person teaching will not reach the 8 weeks during the semester, other laboratory courses might be necessary to be taught after the examination period (preferably until 15th July).