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Quarantine notification

Please complete this questionnaire if you are unable to attend attendance sessions for an extended period of time due to official or voluntary quarantine. Please make sure to log in with your e-mail address before trying to fill the form. Based on the report, your absence from attendance study sessions will be justified throughout the period. During this time, you are not allowed to enter the university grounds for any reason. Please complete the same questionnaire if the previously reported quarantine obligation no longer exists (according to current national rules).

If a student is showing symptoms of COVID infection and/or has been verified as COVID-infected, it must be reported in Neptun using the form 088 (to be open from 9th September)!

Do not forget to agree with each of your professors to replace your classes requiring attendance.

If there is anything else to discuss or the questionnaire is not available after logging in with ID, write an e-mail to!