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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Vegyészmérnöki alapképzési szak nappali BSc

Subject data sheet

Polymer Physics

Name of the subject in Hungarian: Polimerek fizikája

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVEMGA511 2+0+0/v 3

Responsible person and department:

Béla Pukánszky


Béla Pukánszky

Subject is based on:


Prerequisite: BMEVEFAA306

Aim of the subject:

Introduction. Terms and definitions: monomer, polymer, homo- and copolymer. Structure of the polymer, segments, entanglement. Supermolecular structure, amorphous and crystalline materials. The individual chain. Shape, conformation, conformation distribution. The freely joined chain model. Interactions, solutions, determination of molecular weight. Phases and physical states, termomechanics. Rubber elastic state, thermodynamics, kinetics. Flow, rheology. Measurement of viscosity. Glassy state, fracture, polarization optics. Crystalline polymers, structure. Crystallization kinetics, melting. Structure-property correlations, plasticization.

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