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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Vegyészmérnöki alapképzési szak nappali BSc

Subject data sheet

General Chemistry

Name of the subject in Hungarian: Általános kémia

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVESAA101 4+0+0/v 5

Responsible person and department:

László Nyulászi,  Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry 


Gábor Csonka, László Nyulászi

Subject is based on:

Aim of the subject:

Get a basic overwiew of the principles of Chemistry, providing an introductory informations, including definitions etc. to be used in later specific subjects. The course consists of three parts. In the first one the macroscopic properties of the matter is discussed, including phase transitions. In the second part basic chemical priciples as acid-base, redox processes, chemical equlibria, electrochemistry and chemical kinetics will be covered briefly. In the third part the aromic and molecular structure, the chemical bonding and the rules in the periodic table is discussed.

Program of the subject has been developed by:

László Nyulászi

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