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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Vegyészmérnöki alapképzési szak nappali BSc

Subject data sheet

Pharmaceutical Technology

Name of the subject in Hungarian: Gyógyszeripari technológia

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVESTA704 2+0+0/f 2

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Responsible person and department:

Zoltán Hell


Zoltán Hell, Zsolt Rapi

Subject is based on:


Prerequisite: BMEVESTA606

Aim of the subject:

This subject gives an overview on the characteristic methods for the industrial synthesis of active pharmalogical ingredients based on known technologies of Hungarian and other producers. The relevant fields discussed are: choice of the synthesis strategy, development and permanent updating of the industrial technology from different aspects such as the protection of the environment, the assurance of the quality, the safety, the thrift and the protection of the copyright. Choice criteria of the appropriate equipment, technologies for separation of active pharmalogical ingredients and their intermediates from natural raw materials (plants, animals) are presented. Aspects of the diminution of the waste materials produced, waste treatment are also discussed.

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