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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Vegyészmérnöki alapképzési szak nappali BSc

Subject data sheet


Name of the subject in Hungarian: Gyógyszerek

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVESZA403 2+0+0/v 3

Further information on the subject (current semester):

Responsible person and department:

Dr. Béla Mátravölgyi, professor, Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology


Dr. Ferenc Faigl         professor         Organic Chemistry and Technology,

Dr. Ervin Kovács       researcher        MTA-BME Research Group for Org. Chem. Technology

Subject is based on:

Basic knowledge in physical chemistry, organic chemistry and biology educated int he high schools and in the first two semesters of the BSc chemical engineering branch.

Aim of the subject:

The subject gives a breaf introduction to the medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. The fundamental pharmacological definitions and ideas as well as a historical outline of drug discovery and design are presented. Selected examples of drug action at some common target areas demonstrate the importance of the special receptor-drug interactions and the improtance of chemical modifications of the leading molecules to produce highly selective medicines. Typical examples are also discussed for drug metabolism including several organic chemicals and solvents which are important for the organic chemists.

Program of the subject has been developed by:

Dr. Ferenc Faigl

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