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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Gyógyszervegyész-mérnöki mesterképzési szak nappali MSc

Subject data sheet

Industrial organic chemistry

Name of the subject in Hungarian: Ipari szerves kémia

Course ID Assessment Credits
BMEVESZM106 2+0+0/f 4

Further information on the subject (current semester):

Responsible person and department:

György Keglevich professor


Dr. György Keglevich


Dep. Org. Chem. Techn.

Dr. Ferenc Faigl


Dep. Org. Chem. Techn.

Zsolt Dombrády

titular docent

Sanofi/Dep. Org. Chem. Techn.

Dr. Balogh György Tibor

titular docent

Richter/Dep. Org. Chem. Techn.

Dr. Gerencsér János

titular docent

ComInnex/Dep. Org. Chem. Techn.

Dr. Tömpe Péter

titular docent

Egis/Dep. Org. Chem. Techn.

Dr. Kánai Károly

titular docent

Chinoin/Dep. Org. Chem. Techn.

Subject is based on:


Aim of the subject:

The course aims at giving an overview on the most commonly used chemical transformations used in the industry, on the options for implementation and development, as well as on the scale-up principles and problems to be solved. The presentation involves typical examples and case studies.


Program of the subject has been developed by:

György Keglevich professor

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